Music for you


General information

Music For You works with different platforms, this is a list of things you can search with our search engine:

  • Spotify's album link or uri, example
  • Name of an artist or band, example Daft Punk
  • Spotify's playlist link or uri, example
  • Deezer's playlist link, example
  • Youtube's playlist, example (ID3 Tags not supported yet)
Song (ID3 Tags not supported yet): Username
  • Your Spotify's username, works only with public playlists, example Spotify

1 Copy the playlist link

2 Paste the link in the search bar

3 Download your music & Enjoy!

There are a couple of settings in Google Chrome that can improve your expirience on Music For You.

Uncheck the option "Ask where to save each file before downloading"

In this way you will not have always the "pop-up" that asks where to save the file

Allow Music For You to download multiple file

Without giving Music For You this permission you will not able to download more than 3-4 songs from our website. From Music For You you will always recived only MP3s files.

Frequently asked questions

There are different reason if the website doesn't find any songs. The main reasons are:

  • You are trying to download music not really popular. Usually this is the biggest problem.
  • The website is "broken" and I need to fix it. Sometimes if too many people use it together it can happen.

That means that the song has been found on the web but the file is missing. I always try to improve the search engine.

The simple answer is: it depends.
Music For You is a search engine and we do not own and have control on the files, that's why I can't know what the quality of a song is.
Most of the songs will be equal or better than 192 kbps

No, we search on different MP3 websites the songs. It's possible to download music from Spotify but at the moment the quality of the music is at max 160kbps. With our search engine most of the songs are > 160kbps.